Pyronix EURO 46 V10 connect vast range of communication

Pyronix EURO 46 V10 connect vast range of communication

£142.00 exc VAT - £170.40 inc VAT


Pyronix EURO 46 V10 connect vast range of communication

  • Hybrid 76 zone control panel
  • Fully menu-driven programming
  • Connect with the vast range of communication options
  • Remote maintenance with Pyronix InSite UDL software
  • Grade 2 & 3 security with a fully compliant app
  • Connect from anywhere with the ProControl+ App
  • No on-site IT configuration
  • Supplied with a EUR-064 keypad. Product shown with optional chrome keypad

Product Features:

Pyronix EURO 46 V10 connect vast range of communication

Future-proof the installation, fit one panel

It’s time to streamline your security installations and maximise your opportunities. Wire in the panel and expand wirelessly with the EURO 46 V10; delivering everything from bells-only to ProControl+ App functionality.

Get to know one & master them all, with fully menu-driven programming

Easily navigate through the menus of the EURO 46 V10 with similar uniform menu-driven programming.

Connect as required with the vast range of communication options

Whatever the communication need, the EURO 46 V10 gives you the option. Simply purchase the communicator you want and fit it into the panel.

Save yourself time and money with Automatic Remote Maintenance

Using the Pyronix InSite UDL software, the EURO 46 V10 can be remotely programmed and diagnosed.

Completely secure control from anywhere in the world

No on-site IT configuration

Recurring revenue & retention

Streams of recurring revenue can be established by offering PyronixCloud management services; managing this or passing access to users. This increases customer retention and makes the system more profitable.

Android & Apple compatible

The ProControl+ App is available in two versions: on Android™ from the Google Play Store and on iOS™ from the Apple App store.

Meet the required security standard with Grading options


A feature in all Enforcer wireless devices that means learning them onto the system can be done in seconds. A simple one button learning feature for easy installation.

Signal Strength Indicators (SSI)

Instant Two-Way Device Control (ITDC)

This enables the instant wake up and instant sleep of each wireless device on the system to preserve battery power and operability.

Ultimate flexibility with one range of Pyronix accessories

With a whole host of wired and wireless security and life safety peripherals available, the EURO 46 V10 will provide the security solution for any property.

*Please Note: PyronixCloud is FREE for the first 12 months, after which subscription charges will apply. For more information please contact your installer.


Additional information

Pyronix range

7AH Panel Battery, Complete wired deltabell, DIG-WIFI-XA module, DIGI-1200, DIGI-GPRS, DIGI-GPRS+SIM, DIGI-LAN, DIGI-PSTN/VOICE, DIGI-WIFI, DIGI-WIFI/XA, EURO 46 panel, EURO-ZEM32-WE, Flush LCD Keypad, GSM Modem, PROX tags pack of 5, PSTN Modem, RS232-MOD


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